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Rabies Challenge study
The most important vaccine research study is underway to determine the long term duration of immunity from the rabies vaccine. The goal is to extend the state mandated vaccine intervals to accurately reflect the true duration of this vaccine.

Please learn more and support this effort, to benefit the health and wellbeing of our dogs and cat.
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Halshan Premium raw food
Provides your dogs and cats with a healthy foundation of fresh meats, organ meats, vegetables, and bone. We will never compromise our quality to lower the cost of our products. Please visit our website to find out why Halshan Premium Raw Food should be your first choice.
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Looking for a puppy?
So you have evaluated your lifestyle and living environment and now know exactly what type of dog you are looking for. You know the appropriate energy level, exercise requirements, and breed traits that are suitable for you.
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Welcome to Natural K9

We have established NaturalK9 to provide information that will assist you in caring for your canine companion in the healthiest and safest manner. Studies and articles have been compiled here for your reference and to assist you in understanding the benefits and risks in the choices you make for your canine companion each day. We are always adding to and changing our information provided here, as we strive to help you make care decisions that are in the best interest of your pet.

For optimal health, we focus here on providing highly digestible and wholesome nutrition, avoiding processed foods and harmful chemicals/toxins, and evaluating the common choices we make every day that are negatively impacting the health of our canines. We hope you find this information helpful, and most importantly, educational.


Who We Are

My name is Rachel, and I manage NaturalK9 along with my canine companions, Gracie and Skylar. I am deeply committed to building health in my canines. My focus is on preventing illness and disease through optimal health, rather than chasing illness and disease reactively. I began studying animal nutrition and immunology in 1990 and have spent the past five years actively learning how best to cure common issues and chronic illness in our canines. During this time, I have raised three canines on a natural species appropriate diet and learned firsthand how to properly feed a balanced diet, the impact of chemicals and toxins on canines, and how genetics are impacted by vaccines, chemicals, and nutrition. Since leaving my career in Management Consulting in 2004, I now dedicate my time, full-time, to assisting others in providing optimal nutrition appropriate for their individual canine and overcoming common health challenges. I consult to individuals regularly in conjunction with their regular vet care and offer solutions and referrals that their regular vet does not provide.

I am continuously learning from my canine companions, both past and present. Today, I work closely with my two girls: Gracie and Skylar. I have learned the most however from those companions who are no longer with me. Each of them has taught me lessons, and their legacy is the path they have shown me for future canines. My most recent loss is my Berner, Jake and so it is this boy that I honor the most. My personal experience, as well as the broad experience I have with others’ canines, is the foundation for my knowledge. I hope that my personal experiences, coupled with my academic knowledge will also help you make your own choices for your canine.